About me

My name is Rachel Ingle. I am currently working as a Runner at Halo Post Tv, I have graduated in Media Production at the University of Lincoln. I specialised in Radio and my dissertation was investigating the importance of sound in the Television show Doctor Who. I recently finished my masters in Visual and Audio Social Technology.

As you can tell I have a passion and love for sound and here is why.

I developed an interest in sound from a young age from playing musical instruments. As I grew older this changed into an interest in radio and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to volunteer at Barnet Hospital Radio. At a point where I began to appreciate TV more, radio was still something I loved.  Having the opportunity to shadow at Halo Post TV, it soon became obvious working in sound was where I was meant to be. Since being at university I have seen the vast potential in working with sound in areas other than radio, which means my interests, technique and knowledge are changing all the time.

The ultimate dream? Well, to be Doctor Who’s producer. Yes, this may seem a little out there but that is the ultimate dream. My career plans tend to change, not because I am undecided but because as I continue to learn I am discovering all the various levels of sound. I realise this makes me appear to be not dedicated, but the complete opposite is true. Workwise I am strong and determined and always dedicated to the task. I can say that for some time I have been extremely interested in working in sound design.

This blog showcases some of my work over the years, new work and my love and passion for SOUND.

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