The Hills are Alive…..

It’s been a while since I have blogged and while I was on a 2 week holiday in Austria I was blown away by its beauty and it inspired me to write about one thing in particular. I have mentioned previously on this blog my love for musicals and one of my all time favourites is The Sound of Music. When my brother told me a year ago he was planning a trip to Austria I jumped at the chance of going! This was my dream come true!

Upon arriving in Austria the first thing I played on my phone was the Sound of Music soundtrack. Actually seeing the mountains I had only ever seen in the film, with the music playing, was possibly one of my greatest “Pinch me I am really here” moments. Every hill I came across I instantly ran up, spinning and enjoying every second! As well as every time someone left a room I began singing “Farewell”. A highlight was after a little sibling argument and me sulking in the back of a mini bus, while my brother was driving, he did the nest thing ever, he played climb every mountain. Best apology ever! Even if I hadn’t visited Salzburg the landscape and country of Austria were enough to keep me satisfied and play out the movie!

I often laugh a little inside when I see tourists in London going to various places in and acting out a film, or being in awe of platform 9 ¾. It’s something I see on a regular basis and is just there.   I don’t think about it. When arriving in Salzburg I guess I finally understood how those tourists felt. We visited various locations, and without saying the word, magical too much, that is exactly what it was.   MAGICAL. I even had to be dragged away from following a few nuns in the city centre.

I realise this isn’t my usual type of post but it’s got something to do with a film and I just wanted to share. I seriously recommend going, after all how many times in this life do you get to run up a hill in Austria and pretend you’re Julie Andrews?