I had intended to write this blog post a year ago. As I celebrated my 23rd birthday my friends and I decided to watch some classic chic flick films from our teenage years, including “Angus Thongs and full frontal snogging.” The mix of the music, clothes and actors kicked in a rush of nostalgia, asking one another things like “Did we really wear that?” “Remember when he used to present T4” “Wait, do you remember T4” and “I haven’t listened to Scouting for Girls in years.” This little evening gathering helped to inspire the subject of my Masters’ Dissertation (but I won’t bore you with that).


It’s amazing how listening to a couple of old songs can take you right back to your bright pink bedroom where you are putting on a clear Rimmel lip-gloss and trying ever so hard to get some sort of liquid liner to happen. All to get ready for the first stage of “adulthood” and getting pissed in the park.  Of course that’s not the only thing I did in my teenage years.  From listening to some old music, I discovered we have a sense and need to look forward while trying incredibly hard to forget some of our awful younger year choices, like how did my mum let me leave the house in some of those outfits!?!?! However it’s rather magical how listening to a bit of music and watching some old tv shows brings it all back, making it feel like only yesterday.

I even have to admit to the majority of my Spotify playlist being some Noughties RnB and Indie, with a bit of old school Ja Rule and JLo being a really good choice for the gym!

As I come to the end of this post I feel like I haven’t really made much of a point…….. but I have…… well to me! Get out of your business suit and your adult shoes and don’t take it all too seriously, and listen or watch something that 10 years ago made you happy. Just remember how it felt and how stress free and magical life was!