February Favourites

I introduce you to the monthly favourites blog post inspired by the many Youtubers I follow and love. It will have 4 sections to it, Television or Film, Album, YouTube and Podcast.

Television or Film: So I really haven’t watched that much, but something that did stand out was a documentary Jim Chapman did for BBC 3 on the subject of  YouTubers. I find it interesting how the world is changing and how YouTube content is the next big thing, as well as the people who create it! I have a massive respect for them as the majority are self taught, learning about filming and editing which can be very difficult.  Even though the documentary didn’t touch on this, it was interesting how people’s careers have started and even learning about the darker side. It was well constructed and made for easy and interesting watching.

Album: Since November I have been listening to Adele’s 25 on a loop. I can’t say there is a single song on it that I dislike. Being a similar age to her I always find myself relating to her music, which is why it is always so special when she comes out with such amazing music.

YouTube: I am obsessed with James Corden’s late late night show uploads. Especially the Carpools, which without fail always make me laugh.  I have to say the Adele and Coldplay ones have got to be the top 2. If you have not already watched these I highly recommend them.

Podcast: I would never really call myself a feminist and while I do believe in equal rights and always have respect for women of the past and what they have done for us, I would never feel the need myself to debate the subject. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting when I downloaded Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour podcast. However I was seriously impressed and engaged and found myself amazed by all these women’s stories and how personal it all was. It’s also not too intense and I came out learning all about different types of women. It’s seriously worth a listen.


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