Downton Abbey Series 6

A sad face as the final series of Downton Abbey is officially over with a Christmas episode and a rumored film left to be aired. As far as series go it was ok, with only a few big storylines to it.

The series reinforces the change that is coming and not needing the many maids and footmen. Which is bad news for Tom Barrow. He has always been this complicated character, while he can be truly evil and mean, society has made him this way because of his sexuality. This series see’s him searching for work and coming to the realization that the house won’t miss him because of his past behaviour. Leading to him taking some pretty drastic measures, which ends up with some truly upsetting and moving scenes. Downton is subtle and uncomplicated, so when it does show the results of Tom Barrow cutting himself, it is truly shocking and even more difficult and painful to watch.

Even with series 2 being set during WW1 the amount of blood shown was never too much and was always the right amount. Series 6 pushed this and was a whole new Downton. Lord Grantham during dinner suffers a burst ulcer and vomits blood. It was truly graphic and pushed the boundaries and left fans in a state of shock. I believe it was well done and worth the push they made. In a show where sometimes the most shocking thing is the wrong teacup being put in the wrong place you have to push it every now and again.

It really occurred to me this series how used we are to seeing sex and swearing on screen. I reaslied how little there is in Downton, it felt like we had to wait years before Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes finally kissed on their wedding day. That certainly was a beautiful day. As well as the final episode seeing Lady Edith say bitch twice! I am hardly a fan of hers, but nice for her to defend herself for once.

Series 6 defiantly wasn’t a favourite but it did have its moments and I will miss my Autumn Sunday evenings.



Professor Green: Suicide and Me

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) documentary with BBC3 Suicide and Me aired on the 27th of October. He goes on a journey to understand his father’s own suicide and tries to understand about males committing suicide in the UK. It’s not a subject that many want to discuss, and rather easy to brush under the carpet, however is this very truthful and emotional Documentary it is difficult to ignore.

Rapper Professor Green is an idol too many and who better than your idol to address such a serious subject. The usual documentary format you find is a presenter addressing these subjects, such subjects that they may not particularly understand or have experienced. What makes this incredible and successful is Stephen trying to understand his own Farther suicide. He is dealing with conversations with family that are difficult to have, this is a true story with real pain and hurt. Most documentaries have a certain staging process to them, “oh just say that again but face this way” however this comes across as a raw and natural documentary.

Suicide is a difficult subject to approach, but we are left with the message that we need to talk more! I now see Professor Green as a role model and a real person, the person I hear on the radio so often has an important and powerful story to tell and should be congratulated for his motivation and effort to tackle such a difficult subject.