Films to Watch on a Sunday

Sunday. The day before a full and busy week ahead and a chance to get those last remaining errands done. I recently did the grown-up thing with my flat mate and made our first roast dinner, and it was a brilliant success, and we both wanted to watch a nice little film, which inspired this blog. Sunday evenings are the perfect time to watch some films and chill and relax and these are my top choices.

1) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A classic children’s film. Who doesn’t want to chill and relax with their favourite flying car. It is uplifting, funny and also mellow. It relaxes you and makes you feel all warm inside and ready for what the next week has in store.

Chitty_1385382a2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now what could be more relaxing that watching Audrey Hepburn!? If her elegance and beauty won’t chill you out and make you feel calm then what on earth will? It is a classic film and easy to watch, and you will need tissues and a cat to hold at the end.


3) Harry Potter. Now we all need to chill a little and this one will give you an excuse for 8 weeks of kicking back. That and you will find yourself saying the following “Oh my god they look so young”, “I feel so old”, “They grew up so quickly.” Yes, Harry Potter is a very good Sunday night choice.


4) And lastly The Railway Children. Again, a childhood classic and there is something so magical about watching it through adult eyes. That and the film itself it so British and it is just so well suited to a roast dinner and a glass of red wine and a fire. One day I will go to that station and yell “Daddy. Is that my Daddy?”


Use your Sunday evenings to relax my friends.


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