I am new to the whole Netflix phenomenon. To be precise I have only been using it for 2 months now. We are constantly hearing the phrases like “ things are changing”, “everything is online” or “I am having a Netflix marathon.” It has even been recently announced that Amazon Prime will be doing the new series of Top Gear. So, you get it? Online is the thing now, but let’s talk about Netflix.

Much to my surprise Netflix was actually founded in 1997 and the service began back in 1999. Yes, that is a scary thought that it is a 90’s creation. Now in 2015 Netflix has over 60 million subscribers. As far as the service goes it’s pretty cheap and pretty much offers everything you could possibly want.

Facts aside let’s look at some hit series. Netflix doesn’t just show films and shows made by other companies, they make their own. The first time I actually remember hearing about Netflix is when the “Breaking Bad effect” happened. I wasn’t part of this, but it is on my list to watch. Breaking Bad failed on television with very poor ratings, and with no desire to make new series, then enter Netflix. They bought the rights for Breaking Bad and then it became one of their most popular shows to be aired on their site. Netflix are now making their own shows which are boasting greater ratings and awards. Shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, as well as many more that they have created are responsible for this success.

So what is next for them? Well my prediction is that Netflix will move on to making more films and more series. Netflix making their own shows and then showcasing theme is a far cheaper way of doing things. So the future will be online and who next will go up against them?


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