Jurassic World

It’s hard to believe that it was 22 years ago that we first met John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and went on one hell of an adventure around Jurassic Park. Now, when I first found out about Jurassic World I was rather sceptacle because I felt that it wasn’t going to be as good as the original. You only have to look at the second film, The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and think maybe it is not a good idea to make another. Yes, the third of the films, Jurassic Park III (2001), definitely saved the legacy but by no means was as amazing or special as the first. Key word there being “Special”. I remember the first film being so special and amazing and opened all our eyes to a new and amazing world. You ask most kids who grew up in the 90’s what their favourite film was and I guarantee it will be Jurassic Park. That and theme tune is pretty epic! (Bet you’re humming it now). So let’s get back to the fourth of the series, Jurassic World. I was just going to avoid seeing it, but I saw loads of people my age making statements about it being as good as the first and feeling like a child again. So I went…….. How wrong I was.

So we have Gray (Ty Simpkins) who is obsessed with dinosaurs and going with grumpy teenage brother Zack (Nick Robinson) to visit their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallos Howard) who works at the Jurassic World. So yes, of course something is going to go wrong, which is okay because we have Owen (Chris Pratt) who works with the dinosaurs and can save the day. So as far as characters and actors go there is a brilliant dynamic. First we have a bit of a love story going on between Claire and Owen which develops during the film, and then we get to see Gray and Zack grow closer and really be there for one another. Also Claire, power to you for all that running in heels.


Characters aside, there is something else that makes this film special which is the reference and homage to the past. Now we all know the scene from the first film where they first see the dinosaurs and they get out of their cars and the theme music builds. Possibly one of the most iconic film scenes. So how could it be topped? Instead of seeing the dinosaurs through adult eyes, it is the character Gray we see him running around from enclosure to enclosure until he runs up a hill and overlooks everything. We have a brilliant panning wide shot of the island. It is truly amazing. It feels a bit like watching yourself as a child seeing that scene from the first film where they get out of their cars. Oh, and of course they have that epic music. Another particular favourite part is when Gray and Zack are lost and trapped and end up in the old park area. This is where the banner falls on the Trex at the end of the first film. This scene is full of references to the first film and you just can’t help smiling as you remember.


So there you have it, a small review of Jurassic World and if you’re not feeling at least a tiny bit nostalgic for your favourite childhood film then this might do the trick….


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