So a little later than when the series finished but a catch-up on how wrong or right I was about Broadchurch.

Well the whole Joe Miller trial was actually rather disappointing. No secrets, nothing more about Danny Latimer’s death, at moments it was tense but I honestly didn’t see the need in bringing the case up again if nothing new would come of it. The only interesting part was him being freed, and the whole village grouping together and kicking him out. Perhaps the reason behind showing the village getting together in this way was some sort of message to the Justice system. It showed what could be achieved by not using violence. That said it could have easily been cleared up in the last series or a couple of episodes into this series.

Now to the Sandbrook case. So, lots of secrets and 3 murderers. So my first instinct was kind of right. Claire is the one who killed Pippa and Lee hid it and then we have Ricky, Pippa’s dad, who killed Lisa. I must say this was an incredibly tense and clever series full of twists and turns. I may have said in my previous blog that both Claire and Lee would be too obvious to be the killers, however, the way in which this was presented we can push that thought aside. I would even go as far to say that the Sandbrook case was more tense and emotionally pent up than Danny Latimer’s; this was partly due to the fact that Alec was at death’s door and this was possibly going to be the case that could kill him. A desperate man seeking answers and getting it wrong is dangerous for all.

So, a third series? I can’t work out my feelings. While I love Ellie and Alec on screen together and think they are a brilliant team, I am not sure another series is right. It would have to be completely different, taking us to another village with more secrets. But then is it too obvious to just have a new town with new secrets? I will leave them to it and assume they have a master plan up their sleeve.

Now to the American series. I won’t lie, I haven’t watched it. I personally don’t see the point. Part of what I love about Broadchurch is that this is a British series, with a British production team and British actors and this all works. Why rock the boat when the format and team works?


Here is a link to my previous Broadchurch post.


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