Catch up

So a little catch up…….. When starting the new University term in February my first week back was the usual – lots of talk about what the new term has in store. I had spent my whole Christmas holidays reading up on the subjects and was excited to get started. I was speaking to my friend on the sister-course to mine and she told me they were working with clients and making a film for them, as well as doing a post-piece. I thought long and hard after a tutor on my course told me they had no contacts available for work experience. I was finding it difficult to gain any contacts on my own, and I began to realise I was going to leave my course with 4 essays and one Audio post-piece and little real world experience. After speaking to my tutor I made the move to the course Visual and Audio Social Technologies. Yeah, a long name. I still get to specialise and focus my studies on Audio but I now come out of University with 3 pieces of work of which I am proud as well as the experience of working with a client and some very exciting work experience.

A major benefit of changing courses was that they have more connections outside the University. As a result I have worked on three truly exciting pieces of work during this year. I will go into these in more detail in a future blog.

 I guess the main thing I have learned is for a while I closed myself off, I was on a Audio path and learning very little else. Yes, I have still come out of this still wanting to do Audio even more, but I have learned more skills. I am Avid certified, I know how to work with cameras and lights. I know how to edit on other programs as well as making my own graphics. I also learned how to work with clients and how to present myself in a professional way when working. I also got to see the not so nice or pleasant side of the business.


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