The Radio and Community

Something I have discussed in the past is how I became involved in hospital radio and how this really kick-started my passion for sound. Hospital radio is also something which I am about to become involved in again. It really is an important thing to do for your community, and personally it helped me gain more confidence. I am naturally a quiet and reserved person, but talking to complete strangers during an evening and asking them what they would like to hear on the radio soon changed that. What I soon began to realise was that most of the patients were not bothered about listening to the radio, and what they actually needed was someone to talk to. It was a complete eye-opener and I completely understood the importance of this.

During my third year at University Lincoln I was part of a project which involved going into schools and teaching students about radio. After a couple of months the students then went to the local community radio station, Siren Radio, to produce their own live shows. My group were given 8 years olds, and yes, there was quite a lot of consternation about allowing 8 year olds in a professional studio, but we soon got past that. Of course we went into this thinking they were going to do everything and learn everything about radio, and that it was all about the radio. It soon became apparent it wasn’t. What this project taught me was the personal growth of the students as well as us. I saw the shyest 8 year olds suddenly become little stars. I think for us it became less about the final grade   and more about wanting to see them do a good job.

The point of this post is the importance of community radio in any form. I personally feel it is something a lot more people should get involved in even if Radio isn’t their thing. So I urge you go to your local Youth Centres or Hospitals and help out. It really is rewarding and fun.


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