I am writing this blog on the 24th of January and it won’t be published until 11th of March, which should run with the finish of Broadchurch. So this post will be a two parter, with this showing what I think right now about it as we are three episodes into the series and then on the 11th about how wrong I was. 24th of January So we have two issues here as we are still dealing with the trial of Joe Miller in addition to the Sandbrook case. So my thoughts are that this is clearly a very well written and produced series and this would of be planned at the very start. I believe there is more to Danny Latimer’s death, with more secrets to uncover and perhaps someone else is involved. That or Joe is really just a sick and twisted individual who wants to put the family through the torture of a trial, maybe as possible revenge. Next issue is Sandbrook. It would be far too obvious for it to be Lee Ashworth, however the next assumption would be it is the wife Claire Ripley. Again, perhaps too obvious, but I do think she knows something and is protecting someone and it isn’t her Husband. It is rather difficult to make a guess at this stage, but I will possibly see how wrong I am in a few weeks.


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