What is Journalism?

If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago what Journalism was I would simply have told you it is writing for a newspaper. It wasn’t until I attended a recent talk at BBC Salford that I began to think about Journalism in more detail. I think that writing on this subject, as well as my Doctor Who blog are forms of Journalism.   In addition my Radio Documentary about the London Underground can be seen as Journalism. This job title actually spreads across a lot of platforms and areas, which leads to a bit of confusion. In my BA Course at University of Lincoln we were taught about roles for radio which included Producer, BA, Reporter and Presenter. As well as these, for a radio drama it was Director, Producer, Recorder and Editor. When I went to visit a Producer at BBC Radio 2 last summer, he actually worked under a show runner and his role did not match what I was taught. I have gone to various talks given by people in the industry and they don’t seem to even know their own titles. I suppose my point is, how can people like me who are trying to make big choices about their careers really have a clue when the role that interests us does not match what we have been taught. I suppose there isn’t an actual answer and you just have to find out when you get there.



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