Prey vs Missing

In my recent blog entitled ‘My Top 6 TV Shows in 2014’ I mentioned Prey and Missing. They are a new genre for me to watch and whilst the storylines are not similar, they are both not the traditional type of programmes aired by BBC and ITV. They are both a lot grittier than these channels would traditionally broadcast and also visually different.


The whole idea for this is John Simms’ character has been accused of killing his wife and son and now is on the run from the police. I felt that the camera work and dialogue in this show was not heavily directed or scripted. At times there were moments between actors that felt very much improvised, which I liked as it felt natural and raw. I would describe the camera work as natural with lots of close ups and not too neat and tidy, giving it this more raw and gritty feeling. We the viewers were very much part of the action. I am also a massive fan of Jon Simms and think he played the character incredibly well. Being a 3 part series was perfect, making it fast paced which suited the storyline. Any more and I think it would have dwindled and wouldn’t have worked as well.


After watching the first episode I asked myself, is it worse to lose a child and know they are dead or to never know what happened, which was very much dealt with in the last episode. Both the Mother and Father had different views on the situation. The way in which the show went back forth was incredibly clever. At times when it was set in the past I almost forgot about the present and when they would find a lead I would think that was it. The other element that this show tackled so well was the character Vincent Bourg who was a paedophile seeking medical treatment for his illness. Now I am personally of the belief it isn’t an illness, but this whole story made me question my own thoughts. I actually felt sorry for him and almost forgot what he was. I suppose the clever aspect was having him up against the character Ian Garret who was a very sick and twisted human being. I think it was an amazing series for many reasons, but what I think made it truly brilliant was this paedophile and rape element and I am still debating the subject myself.

All in all both series are brilliant. I think what I am learning about myself is that I now want to watch something which challenges me emotionally and encourages me to be less passive, and in turn makes me question my own views.


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