Did Video kill the Radio star?

Yes, we all know the song “Did video kill the radio star” but is it even true? This post investigates that, but not video, instead let’s use the term TV. Let’s start off with a brief history of radio. The first ever radio broadcast was on 13th January 1910 and was a piece of opera. Since then all different types of radio has been broadcast all over the world. The radio was crucial and important to everyone during the war years. It was a way for news to be given to people. If you’ve ever seen the film King’s Speech, you’ll have an understanding of the importance of radio. The film is taking you to the moment when the King announces that we are at war with Germany for the second time. The way his voice is being heard by the nation is via the radio, showing just how important radio can be.

Radio wasn’t then and still isn’t just a device to inform you of the news. It is also a form of entertainment and education. The longest running radio soap is The Archers on BBC Radio 4 and began in 1951. With 63.4m downloading the shows’ podcasts, there are no signs of it deserting our radios.

For me personally radio was the way I got interested with the idea of working in Media. The radio was always on in our house as well as our car, and before the days of having my own TV it was the radio in my room that I used to listen to in my spare time. During my college years I began volunteering for my local Hospital Radio, and that is where I learned my skills for producing and planning a show. For me personally I think radio will be with us as an entertainment medium for a long time.

For people such as my Mum it was where she could be a bit of a rebel and listen to Pirate Radio during the 60’s. It really is something that has always been part of our lives. It is something we all have a memory of; for my mum tuning into her radio, me putting it on a lower volume so my parents wouldn’t know I was awake. For the current generation, it’s dancing to music on the radio via the TV.

Even now with the popularity of television and the use of the internet, as well as so many apps that we don’t actually have enough space for, radio has still been able to keep up. You no longer need to own a radio. You can use your television, laptop, phone or tablet. My point is, that even with television being so popular, I believe that it can never actually kill radio. However, it is a pretty catchy song.

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