If you don’t ask then you don’t get!

This blog covers some general advice when being in the Media business. My Mum has always been a firm believer that “if you don’t ask you don’t get.” This motto has been drummed into me and I can think of a few circumstances where it most certainty has paid off. A time where I really put this into practice was while I was at Halo Post TV. I wanted to make it clear, without being presumptious or too pushy, that I was interested in sound. On my second day I asked if I could sit in on some sound work sessions. On my third day they treated me and let me sit in on quite a few sound sessions, even allowing me to sit in with editors who were interacting with clients. This is the point I’m making, you do have to make a good impression to get these sort of opportunities, but if you’re not going to ask you’re not going to get.

A few weeks ago I visited the Media festival at Media city where lots of amazing people were giving lots of amazing talks. I used to find this sort event rather intimidating but now I can quite happily say I can actually network and ask the right questions.

Here is a bit of advice

  1. When you first speak to someone shake their hand and introduce yourself, say what course you’re on and at what level.

  2. Be polite.

  3. Research the person, know what position they’re in, where they have worked previously, what they are working on currently.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for work experience, shadowing or internships.

  5. If you’ve been given an email address you need to email them as soon as possible. They are always meeting a lot of people and you want to contact them whilst you’re fresh in their minds.

I hope this is all helpful. I am a student so I clearly I don’t have all the answers but I have had some successes and these are the things I have done to achieve them.


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