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As I have mentioned previously, I am currently working on recreating the sound design for a piece of animation. At the moment I am at the editing stage, as everything needed has been recorded . Next the Audio will be recorded. I am from a radio background and this is something I haven’t done before, but like all good students I have read, researched and practiced the process and what I am going to discuss today is the process so far.

 Starting point

The question I first asked myself is what is the meaning behind the animation. Personally when I make a piece I like to know the message or meaning behind it and I find this helps me to focus on the piece. Once understood, I began thinking about the sounds I wanted and how they could be recreated. I found tutorials and documentaries helpful with this aspect, seeing others doing it themselves you can have more of an understanding.

Now that sound effects were planned, the next step was changing and adding parts to the script. Having the meaning and message behind the piece made it easier to adapt the script which had to be done by focusing on the mouth movements of the animated characters in order to achieve a match.


This was done by recording objects in the studio – these were specific sounds for particular parts. The next method for recording was by using a zoom to record background sounds and other objects. These were sounds that could be used in most areas and could be edited and changed for different parts.

Recording actors for an animation was a challenge. The most efficient way to get the ADR process done is for the actors to be able to sync themselves. This is achieved by having the animation playing whilst recording them, and one of the problems is when an actor finds this difficult. What I found easiest was to get them to deliver the lines without the animation. They could focus on their character rather than syncing. This meant that during the editing process the focus could be on syncing it properly.


Now to the current stage, editing, which I personally find the most enjoyable part. All the sound effects recorded are currently being edited using pro tools so they sound effective and match the animation. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work or sound how you want it to, however, this part of the process is about experimenting.

I will update you all on the next stage and the rest of the editing process.

This is the animation.

Taken from moviemaniacsDE on Yotube


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