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As you know I am incredibly interested in Doctor Who. The main reason for this blog, because I have run out of people who are willing to listen to me discuss this. Here is a little more about why I am doing this.

 It’s the 24th of August 2014, 11:00 am. I have only just finished discussing the latest episode of Doctor Who featuring the new Doctor, but this isn’t where the Doctor Who obsession began. For you to understand why I want to do this blog, then you need to know how my love of it began, back in 2005.

 13, an interesting time, just becoming a teenager and the want and need to become more grown up. When I was 13 in 2005 it was the return of Doctor Who. I recall being younger and seeing the blue box and an odd robot. Years later I would find out that it was the TARDIS and a Dalek. My parents were both fans when they were younger and they told me it’s back and I must watch it. Well, at 13 if something your parents think is “cool” you are hardly going to want to watch it. Which I didn’t. It wasn’t until the next week at a friend’s house, with it on in the background, I heard Britney Spears’ Toxic, it got my attention. Before I realised I was watching it. Seeing Billie Piper, my favourite pop star back in the day, helped to encourage me in continuing to watch the episode. When I went back home the next day I told my parents it wasn’t half bad. I had been converted. I liked Doctor Who.

 Well I watched the whole series and loved it, every single moment. Looking back on it the powerful element was that I was in Rose’s shoes. Everything she was seeing for the first time and experiencing, well it was my first time too. I distinctly remember my mum saying how scared she was to see a Dalek and not really understanding how she felt. Rose, being the kind-hearted character she was, can’t accept this is a horrible character. I guess for people like me it wasn’t until the last episode of the first series that we realised just how evil Daleks were. Rose will forever be my favourite assistant. Her exit is something I will never forget and for me will always be one of the most moving moments in Doctor Who history.

 As much as I loved Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, I only had a series with him. He was loveable but with a dark side and would do just about anything to keep Rose happy and safe. Even doing the impossible and taking her to her dead father. Maybe the reason why my teenage self loved the show so much was that the Doctor was always going to help and make me feel better. Whatever was happening in real life it all stopped for a while and the Doctor and his magical box would take me on an exciting adventure.

 Well, David Tennant will forever and ever be my Doctor. He was funny, vulnerable, had the best catch phrase and well it didn’t half help that he is bloody gorgeous. Putting his looks aside, he showed a hurt and heartbroken Doctor who could never replace Rose, but he would keep on traveling in her name. His last moments on the show, those 10 minutes…….. well let’s just say a box of tissues is always needed. Ending his time as the Doctor with the beautiful words “I don’t want to go” – I think it is safe to say that’s exactly what the audience was thinking too.

 Now for the GENIUS, THE MASTER, THE GOD, THE AMAZING………………………. Russell T Davies. Well, if it wasn’t for him the show wouldn’t have its Class A rating. I think that what he has produced and written, along with the support of his fantastic team, have been some of the most powerful episodes. They somehow came up with these massive storylines, such as Bad Wolf, yet delivered them in such simple ways. I am sure that when everyone realised the meaning behind Bad Wolf, they thought how the heck didn’t I get that. The same goes for Doctor Donna as well as Rose returning. His episodes will always have a place in my heart and will be ones I watch forever without getting bored, making me feel just as emotional or scared as the first time I viewed them.

 Well as you can tell, the Russell T Davies and David Tennant years are my favourite. Not to say I don’t like Steven Moffat and Matt Smith. They’re just not the same. I agree that Steven Moffat is an absolute genius and has a clear and intelligent vision. But, after some episodes I am left thinking what the heck just happened, I don’t get it, why do that? I think something simple and well made is sometimes just more enjoyable to watch. I understand that as a creator you want to show off your talent, but you have to make something the audience will enjoy and love. I think Moffat was fortunate that Matt’s Doctor, along with Amy and Rory had such brilliant chemistry on screen. While some episodes left me completely confused, I always knew that they were going to make me laugh. I will say Moffat did create some simple and beautiful moments. At the end of Matt’s first series, during Amy’s wedding, well just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. It’s just the power of words bringing the sound of the TARDIS and her saying ‘Raggedy man’. Blimey spectacular. And not to forget the Doctor’s ‘Dad dancing’. Is it odd that I had a tiny crush on him after watching that? My point being simple is always far more powerful. Well that’s my belief.

 This has now turned into a rather long post but I think you get my point. I love Doctor Who. It’s magic.   I would just like it to take a more simple and well balanced approach.

Doctor Who blog


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